I am a large fan of elysian tail, and im always praying for tail 2. However, as for this wiki, it seems..... under-developed. Hell, u didn't even have a bio for gaius, perhaps the 4th most important character of the game. I know it shouldn't be my place to question any senoir editors effieciancy(How many editors are there?), but So far I seem to be the only one caring for left out details and uncanon data being filed in an officiail database. I can continue to rant on and on, but to avoid pissing anyone off, I'll leave it with this, Are we gonna help this wiki grow or rot? I cannot edit 24/7, for i hav a life too, so i hope u guys can help strengthen this potentially awesome wiki. Don't have a clue where to start? look at the sonic news network, a wiki i currently work for. youll get wut i mean. As sonic would say, "c;mon! step it up!"

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