The opening title in the meadow

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The Sorrowing Meadow map


Rose location

The Sorrowing Meadow is probably the largest map in the game, in front of the Cirromon Caverns with: 10 save points, 5 shops, 29 treasures, and 1 challenge (Cirelian Trial 5). This map contains the following enemies: Necromancers, zombies, explosive zombies, hornets, stone cutters, slime bushes, demons, and a trolk (outside the Samachua mansion). It is an incredibly hard map to survive with small amount of shops to buy food from but does contain a lot of food in treasure chests.

This map contains 2 imprisoned friends, one requiring Dust to kneel next to a tombstone with a rose till he is transported. The other requires a double jump just before ascending near the Dirmo mansion (the upper-most mansion), and passing through many tight openings with spiked vines.

During the quest Dust to DustCora is at the center of the meadow giving Dust the quest to find 4 keepsakes (an old painting, a walking cane, a brooch, and a personal diary) in the 4 mansions (Bardel, Dirmo,Nanoth, and Samachua) and gives Dust a green resonance gem. While in the mansion, a demon (Baron Kane) will hunt Dust down until the final room, which contains the keepsake. After getting each keepsake, enemies appear in the mansion (presumably due to Kane leaving).


  • This map is where Dust acquires the ability Iron Grip enabling him to climb vines.
  • Avgustin also appears at the beginning of the map and stays there even after going to the Blackmoor Mountains.
  • There are two entrances to the Meadow, making ideal conditions to get to mansions faster.
  • There is a teleporter just to the left of Bardel Mansion that takes Dust to just below where Cora is.
  • You can only kill Necromancers with Fidget's projectiles. Use Dust Storm to make it hit all the enemies including the Necromancer for an easy 1000 combo.