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Master Copy



|type=type of the item (Armor, Augment, etc...)
|health=health bonus of the item
|regen=regen bonus of the item
|attack=attack value of the item
|defense=defense value of the item
|fidget= Fidget value of the item
|ability=special ability of the item (for tables)
|bonus=bonus effect (food, other abilities eg light)
|gold=gold find bonus of the item
|item=item find bonus of the item
|xp=xp bonus of the item
|luck=luck value of the item
|text=item text
|obtained=how to obtain this item (detailed)(displayed on item page)
|obtained2=how to obtain this item (quick over view) (displayed in tables)
|cost=store cost of the item
|sell=sell and craft price of the item
|recipe=recipe to make the item
|info=anything interesting about this item
|reference=reference to outside source


Any variable not pertaining to the item can be omitted and won't appear on the page.

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