Save Point

Save Points can be found throughout the game, usually as a safe-zone. Walking through a save point automatically saves the game (as indicated by Fidget) and subsequently the player can press the "up" key to save manually.


Save Points grant healing to a % of the player's current health, which is determined by the difficulty rating of the current save:

Easy: Save points heal until health is full.

Normal: Save points heal until health is 50%

Tough: Save points heal until health is 25%

Hardcore: Save points do not heal.

The speed of healing is dependant on the amount of health lost, but is usually completed under three seconds.


Dust can also "teleport" to the World Map if he wishes to at one of these save points. However, to teleport, Dust will require and use a Teleportation Stone, which can be obtained at the shop or as loot from chests.

Loading Saves

Dust can load to the game at the last-saved save point at any time by loading the menu and pressing "load save". This may be useful especially at higher difficulties, where taking too much damage will require the use of precious limited consumables to recover.