Resonance Gems are required to open "resonance gates" and allow the player to proceed to another part of the map, find hidden treasures, free a locked friend, or find teleporters that transport Dust to a previous point on the map. There are 7 Resonance Gems, all of which help free a character for the Baker's Dozen achievement.

Color Obtaining
Blue Speaking to Haley at Archers' Pass.
Red Accepting Blop's quest in Mudpot.
Green Speaking with Cora in the Sorrowing Meadow.
Yellow Given by the Elder at the Moonblood Camp.
White Rescuing Corbin at Ivydale Glen.
Purple Going to the far left of the Sanctuary after rescuing your first friend.
Rainbow Accepting and completing Bopo's quest.
Resonance gems

Resonance gems from Dust:AET files.

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