Oneida at Aurora Village.

Oneida is one of the characters found at Aurora Village. She is first encountered after speaking to Cora in the prologue, when Cora mentions that she heard screaming from further down the path.


Once Dust makes his way toward the end of The Glade, he finds Oneida and Geehan asking for help against the Giants, Beasts, and Imps. Once the player defeats the giants Oneida and Geehan will thank Dust for his help and tell him about the recent monster attacks getting worse. Oneida will be available again around Chapter 2 with the quest Lost Time. This quest requires Dust to speak with Geehan and find out what is wrong with him. After completing the quest, she will mention that she didn't know what he did but Geehan is back to normal.


  • Oneida and Geehan are gone until the beginning of chapter two.
  • During the prologue if the player talks to Oneida after the attack Dust will be awarded experience and additional dialogue but if the player continues on and starts chapter one, the player will miss this experience.
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