Necromancers are an enemy Dust encounters in The Sorrowing Meadow in the game Dust: An Elysian Tail.


These enemies will prove to be a bother as Dust cannot hurt them directly. Attempting to do so will always teleport it to the opposite side of Dust. They can only be harmed by Fidget's powers; Energy Blast being the easiest since it can follow them despite their teleporting. Fast spamming of it (especially if you remembered one was coming up) makes these simple to take down. If the fight gets drawn out, you can always melee the zombie summons for more energy.

Necromancers have the ability to summon Zombies and occasionally Explosive Zombies. The number of explosive zombies summoned depends on difficulty: 1 on easy, 2 on normal, 3 on tough, 4 on hardcore.

Necromancers can drop gems, coin bags, Ectoplasm, and Lost Soul, which is often used in high level blueprints.


  • If the player listens closely, Necromancers make the same sound as Florns, possibly recycled character sounds.
  • There is a spot near the underground mansion (right before descending) where a necromancer will be next to the cliff and summon Zombies underneath the map.
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