Kush are giant buffalo humanoids wielding huge axes, found in Blackmoor Mountains and later among General Gaius's army in Everdawn Basin.


They are immune to the parry daze but can still be knocked back, they are quicker than regular giants and have a longer melee range thanks to their axe. Damage is extreme if Dust isn't quick enough to dash away from their attack, which can knock him to the ground. Their attacks consist of raising the front foot and axe then stomping with axe striking the ground, or raising the blade back and doing an uppercut like strike.

When fighting the Kush found in Everdawn Basin you can take advantage of their friendly fire when fighting to knock down Gaius's soldiers and eliminate other threats such as the Bombers.


Kush drop gems, money Bags, blueprints, Kush Pelt, Tough Metal and food.

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