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Jin in the cutscene confronting Cassius.

Jin on the left side and Cassius on the right side.

Jin is the brother of Ginger who lived in Zeplich village with their parents. Jin is also one of the counterparts of Dust that gives Dust his incorruptibility, nobility, passion, and innocence.


It is uncertain when Jin left Ginger to fight Cassius because the story is told that Ginger's parents were killed during the attack, but Dust mentions Jin was going to tell Ginger that he was going to avenge their parents. With this said it is possible that the attack on Zeplich Village was done during the night time and Ginger's parents may have been killed outside of the village. Once the attack begin on Zeplich Village, Jin pursued Cassius after the attack was over. Jin confronted Cassius in the mountains which resulted in both of their deaths and the creation of the Sen-Mithrarin, Dust.


  • Jin has the similar hair style as Dust (along with eyes and boots) as Cassius's hair doesn't show in the cutscene.
  • Jin, Cassius, and Dust's voice is done by the same person: Lucien Dodge.