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Dust Entering Ivydale Glen.

Ivydale Glen is one of the four mini-maps that can be explored for quests and freeing imprisoned friends. Ivydale Glen is unlocked during the quest Out To Dry, when Gianni sends Dust to find Corbin, who's doing Gianni's laundry.

In this map there are 4 enemies: Blomps, 2 Giants(Sub-boss), Florns, and Slime Creatures. This map also has 2 treasures (2 keys and Gianni's laundry), and 2 save points. During the first map Dust must eliminate the Blomps in the area in order to continue. Once cleared, if the player has the sliding ability, the player may slide underground and retrieve the 2 keys and destroy the pillars as Dust doesn't have the white resonance gem.

In the second map Dust must defeat 2 Giants (Sub-boss) and meet with Corbin at the end of the fight. During the chat, Dust sends Corbin back to Aurora Village and tells Corbin that he (Dust) will get Gianni's laundry. Fidget complains about getting Gianni's laundry as he's (Gianni) is a jerk, but Dust insists in order to get Corbin out of trouble and jokes with killing the creatures below. After getting Gianni's laundry Fidget jokes with putting poison ivy in the laundry basket, giving the player choice to either to do so or not. After the decision Dust must continue back (After destroying the alloyed pillar) to Gianni at Aurora to finish the quest.

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