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Dust entering the Cove.

Hidden Cove is another submap in which is unlocked by the quest: Reunion. This map contains 2 treasure maps (2 keys, 1 treasure chest, 1 teleport stone) and 1 save point. This map has a network of tunnels that can confuse the player as the end of each tunnel look alike to the previous one. To complete the quest and explore the entire map the player must have the following abilites: Sliding, iron grip and dash as the Environmental Hazard (Spiked vines) make one point of the map unjumpable. When reaching the top of the map Dust finds Sarahi after the save point in which Moska talk to her about the tragedy at Denham village. After the cutscene with Moska and Sarahi, Fidget talks about the only survivor of Fuse's destruction as Dust suggest one is better than none. During this point Reunion quest is complete and the save point gives the player the advantage of exploring the tunnel network with the ability to revert to the last save in case the player falls off the cliff and doesn't want to get back up again.
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