Name:  Haley
Species:  Warmblood
Location:  Archers' Pass
Voiced by: Anna Kingsley

Haley is the daughter of the current Archers' Pass blacksmith, who now travels the lands in search of new forging materials. She currently runs the forge at the top of Archer's Pass with her brother Matti in forging armor, pendants, rings and augments from blueprints, as well as selling crafting materials.

After Dust enters the forge for the first time via the attic, she gives him a blue resonance gem for faster and easier access in the future. She also tells him the location of a transmitter that would allow him to remotely access her services via the inventory menu.

It is also hinted by Fidget that she was giving signals that she has a crush on Dust, which is also implied by her regarding him as her favorite customer and urging him to still visit her at the forge even after he obtains the transmitter.


Haley is an assertive female character. She has a distaste for fighting, which is hinted by stopping Dust and Matti from fighting and her ease with having blombs in her attic since they keep away other monsters.

She has a cheerful attitude towards most things but is oblivious to bad intent, as proven when she doesn't know if Matti dislikes Dust despite his grumbling constantly in his presence.

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