Ginger at Aurora village
Gender Female




Voiced by

Amber Lee Connors

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Ginger is one of the more important characters of the Dust: An Elysian Tail story line, as she is one of the only characters that can help trigger Dust's memory.


Ginger is the third female character that Dust meets (aside from Fidget and Oneida). She resides at Aurora Village. Ginger acts surprised when she first saw Dust due to his appearance in assassin clothing. Dust notifies Ginger that he cannot recall what he was before but he felt that he knew her somehow. Ginger, unsure of whether to trust him or not, tells him that she is going to the north since the water is drying up and tells Dust to meet her at Roan Pass (located near the entrance to Sorrowing Meadow). Dust soon learns of Ginger's previous settlement and went to Zeplich Village. He then meets her again inside her ruined home with the Moonblood, Elder Gray Eyes. She, along with Dust and Fidget, realise that Dust is harboring the soul of her deceased brother, Jin. Now believing that Dust is truly good, she then settles at the Everdawn Basin acting as moral support for the Moonbloods.

Prior to the game, Ginger was the sister of Jin and they both lived in Zeplich Village with their parents. Ginger's family helped the Moonbloods against the wishes of General Gaius, who established a rule, proclaiming that Warmbloods must never aid Moonbloods. The act of treason resulted in Ginger's parents getting killed during the attack lead by Cassius. One night after the attack, Jin snuck away whilst Ginger was asleep. He eventually found Cassius and swore to avenge their parents by bringing the assassin's death. Neither of them survived, but Ginger, oblivious to Jin and Cassius' death, escaped the village to Aurora and temporarily lived there for a year until Dust appeared. When Dust arrived, she was about to leave the village to journey toward the Moonblood Camp.


Ginger is a soft-spoken, polite creature with a pure, yet haunted mind. Near the beginning of the game and throughout, she possesses a melancholy demeanor, depressed by the death of her parents and her brother, Jin. However, the most apparent feeling she displays in the game is the mixture of friendship and distrust towards Dust, firstly alienating him for his attire in assassin's clothing, but later treating him like a brother and a hero. Ginger behaves in a kind, sisterly manner toward Dust near the end of the game due to their distant relation as brother and sister.

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