Gianni is a character in Dust: An Elysian Tail who lives in Aurora Village. Gianni's behavior is from the rich people mentality of not being around "peasants/lower class" and only thinking about themselves.


Gianni sends Corbin to clean his laundry at Ivydale Glen, but doesn't care that there are monsters. Even though, after finishing the quest Gianni does show some care about Corbin's safety as probably he will be charged for putting him in harm's way. After Dust goes to Ivydale Glen there is a choice to either put poison ivy in his laundry or not which gives 2 achievements and 2 different dialogues. If the player chooses to put poison ivy Gianni will appear to have a rash everywhere on his body and asks Dust to leave him alone, and if the player chooses not to put posion ivy, Gianni will ask Dust to leave him alone and bother someone else.


  • Gianni closely resembles ordinary Korean men of late 19th Century.

    Photo is taken during Korean war.

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