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Dust at a save point at the farm.

Geehan's Farm is unlocked after talking to Oneida (giving the quest Lost time) about asking what is bothering Geehan who's pacing just at the entrance of Aurora village. After talking to Geehan about his lost pocketwatch during the Giant attack before chapter 1. Dust insist to help Geehan by finding the watch at the farm, Dust travels to the farm which has 2 map rooms: 1 save point, and 2 treasures. At the center of the Farm is a huge hole in the ground caused by the monster advancement, in which Dust ask Fidget to use her sixth sense to find the watch which is at the bottom. Across the map is a treasure
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Dust in front of the house in the farm.

chest guarded by a slime bush if the player is willing to fight for the chest. The player must navigate some fruit bombs in a couple of simple puzzles including the sliding slots to destroy many alloyed pillars.


  • Even though it is claimed to be Geehan's Farm it is alot different from where Dust encountered Geehan and Oneida, whether their farm is wide or the combination of Cora's house and Geehan's shack is still unknown.
  • There is still an Environmental Hazard that emphasis the Fruit bombs sensitivity
  • During the conversation with Fidget's sixth sense Dust's voice deepens to the same tone of Cassius (both voices are done by Lucien Dodge)
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