Geehan at aurora.

Geehan is first encountered at the prologue of the story when the giants attack his farm.


Geehan is on the floor after twisting his ankle. He claimed that he was running for help, but according to Oneida, he was actually was going to hide in the tool shed. Geehan and Oneida are only available during the prologue and after Chapter Two. Geehan's farm is located just due south of where The Glade and Aurora Village connect. Geehan is part of the quest Lost Time where he ask Dust to locate a pocket watch that is valuable to him and Oneida. Once Dust obtains the pocket watch, Geehan rewards Dust 4 treasure keys in return for his service.


  • During the prologue, Geehan is titled under Oneida instead of Geehan and Oneida.
  • If the player doesn't speak to Geehan and Oneida after the giant fight, the player will miss some additional bonus experience and dialogue.
  • Geehan seems to be more thankful from receiving the watch than Dust saving his life, this may either hint that Geehan may be forgetful or the pocket watch is more valuable than his life.
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