Fale is a character that lives in Aurora Village and gives multiple quests to Dust if the playe
r chooses to speak with him.


Fale supplies the Watchmen and is the reason for the guard's poor armour and weapon design as Fidget states. Fale assigns the following quests: Better than Nothing, Taking Point, Slimed, Reinforcement, Freedom of Movement, and Find the Sparklies. Doing all these quests gives the player the Achievement: "Opposite of Fail" which is a pun on Fale's name.

Quest Requirements

  1. Better than Nothing: 5 Imp Hides. (dropped by Imps)
  2. Taking Point: 8 Beast Spears. (dropped by Beasts)
  3. Slimed: 4 Slimy Spikes and 4 Slimy Coats. (both dropped by Slime Creatures)
  4. Reinforcement: 2 Giant Rocks and 2 Giant Cores. (both dropped by Giants)
  5. Freedom of Movement: 6 Avee Wings and 6 Avee Claws. (both dropped by Avees)
  6. Find the Sparklies: 3 Florn Tentacles and 3 Florn Sparks. (both dropped by Florns)


  • Even though Dust completes the quests, the guards won't mention anything about it.
  • Fale says he will buy the material at a higher price than a merchant, which is true as he pays more for it than if Dust were to sell the material to Sereth or Mordecai.
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