Explosive zombie

Explosive Zombies are an enemy encountered in The Sorrowing Meadow in Dust: An Elysian Tail.


Like Blombs, these zombies explode when Dust gets near them, causing high damage and burning. They are only found in the The Sorrowing Meadow and can be summoned by Necromancers. They give off a small amount of light in dark areas, which gives the player a hint that one is nearby.

Their main attack is curling up and making a distinct sound until detonation. It's rare for the zombie to actually use melee attacks against Dust.


Explosive Zombies drop coins, money bags, Bones, and Rotten Flesh.


  • Explosive zombies are similar to the exploder necromorphs from the Dead Space games, as they're both undead creatures with glowing and explosive pustule sacs attached to them, and both will attack by detonating themselves if the player gets too close.