Moonblood camp png

The introduction when the player enters the basin.

Everdawn Basin

The second part of the map opening.

Everdawn basin
The Everdawn Basin is the most dangerous of places with the highest level enemies and the final boss General Gaius at the end of the army. This map contains: 9 save points, 3 shops, and 14 treasures. This map starts with a Moonblood camp which needs Dust's help to fend off general Gaius's attacks and stage a offensive attack to the top of the volcano, where Gaius is waiting for Dust. This map is incredibly tough, with both shops and save points far apart. There are many enemies fighting against the Moonblood warriors, causing enemies to strike before the player is ready, cannons firing upon areas (occasionally through the map), and lava hazards.

This map contains the following enemies: Soldiers, Cloaked Assassins, Imps, Wolves (armored), Kush (armored), Bombers, and Blomps.

There is only one imprisoned friend on this map: jump as far left as you can in the chamber where Boosted Jump is acquired and jump again. The Yellow Resonance Gem is given to Dust by Elder Gray Eyes during the course of Dust to Dust.


  • In this map Dust acquires Boosted Jump.
  • This map contains the highest level Enemies, Blueprints, and Materials.
  • This map has the most damaging environmental hazard, lava, which can inflict over 1000 damage (burns counted).
  • This map contains Robe of the Mithrarin which is the highest level Armor in the game.
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