Throughout the game there are different hazards dust encounters some even the highest level players find more dangerous than any enemy can do. There are about 8 different hazards in the game that the player must take care and avoid losing health, food and money (paying for food) as they can do an incredible amount of damage for such minor error. The 8 hazards are: spikey stalagmites and stalactites, bubble sprouts, thorned vines, rockslides, avalanches, falling icicles, lava, and fire traps (Cirelian trial only). The first environmental hazard encountered are bubble sprouts in the Cirromon Caverns which glow red for damage and posion effect while blue gives healing. Spikey Stalagmites and stalactites are encountered when: going down mudpot's basement to unlock the sliding ability, in the Blackmoor Mountains caverns, Geehans farm, Abadis Forest, and when trying to free a locked friend on the Blackmoor Mountains. Stalagmites and stalactites are quite a bothersome problem when directing fruit bombs to pillars as they explode on contact with them. Rockslides are encountered after passing mudpot on the way to lady tethy's chamber, this environmental hazard requires timing just like the fire traps in order to avoid damage. Throned vines are encountered mainly in the The Sorrowing Meadow and just like the stalagmites and stalactites they explode fruit bombs on contact. Falling icicles are encountered in the caverns in the blackmoor mountains and require a watchful eye, quick trigger finger (dashing), and timing. Avalanches are found when going up the blackmoor mountain, this hazard requires good hearing, noticing the screen shaking, and a incredibly quick reaction to find a spot to avoid the hazard. Lastly lava is the only the most dangerous hazard encountered as on higher difficulties its close to impossible to escape once caught, this hazard is found in the moonblood camp and everdawn basin. Lava like fire traps cause a burning damage effect which can leech Dust's health slowly, in order to stop burning an ice cream dish is needed to stop the fire or wait till it dies out.

Hazard Base Crictical After Effects
Please note this is without armour and when it is first encountered.
Stalagmites and Stalactites 60-260 200-400 None
Bubble Sprouts 20-80 80-160 Poison, 1-20 per sec
Rockslides 60-240 240-400 None
Thorned Vines 100-240 200-500 None
Falling icicles 240-1500 1000-2400 None
Avalanches 400-800 800-1500 None
Fire Traps 160-240 240-400 Fire: 1-80 per sec
Lava 400-1600 800-15000 Fire: 40-200 per sec


  • Some environmental damages can be decreased by increasing luck to avoid critical damage
  • If the Dust is falling fast enough they somehow go threw spikey vines only if the difficulty is below tough
  • Refer to Difficulty for more details about how damage is affected 
  • Some monsters can detect environmental hazards if the difficulty is high enough