Elder Gray Eyes
Elder gray eyes
Gender Male



Zeplich Village, Everdawn Basin

Voiced by

Mick Lauer

Elder Gray Eyes is the current leader of what remains of the Moonblood race.


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Ginger decides to meet with the Elder first as opposed to meeting Dust at Roan's Pass as she originally planned. Once the Elder knew of Dust's arrival, they intercept him at Ginger's house, where Jin's counterpart of Dust is revealed. Elder Gray Eyes aided in restoring Dust's memory and discussing the events during the past year that lead to Dust's creation. The Elder explained on how Dust was forged with two souls: Jin (nobility, innocence and incorruptibility) and Cassius (skill, power and strength). Lastly, he explained how Dust is the Moonbloods' last hope to stand against General Gaius and his army.

Elder Gray Eyes told Dust to meet him and the last remaining Moonbloods at their last hideout in Everdawn Basin. Once Dust arrived at the Moonblood camp, he spoke to the Elder to help prepare the Moonbloods for battle against General Gaius's army. The Elder also discussed how their ancestors, known as the Cynthak, created the Way of the Flameless Light. After preparations are complete, he instructs Dust to lead the Moonbloods into battle.

In the ending cutscene, he notes that the Moonbloods are once again safe and free to live amongst the other races thanks to Dust's noble sacrifice.


  • Elder Gray Eyes is first heard (but not seen) narrating the introduction at the beginning of the story.
  • Elder Gray Eyes participated in the following events: saving Fuse by creating a magic suit, witnessing the creation of the Sen-Mithrarin, creating the Elysian blade: Ahrah, and sending Sereth to guide Dust.
  • Elder Gray Eyes is over 200 years old.
  • It is unknown if he helped in creating the other Elysian blades, but he did, in fact, live the day they were created.
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