As Ahrah stated, a successful parry may daze your opponent, which will open them up to a counter attack full of critical hits. A parry may be initiated by pressing and holding the primary attack button just before the opponent attacks. Parry daze is introduced on a Slime Creature in The Glade before Chapter 1 as seen on the photo. It can give a great advantage against dangerous enemies or when running low on health and food.

When Dust levels up, the beam of light strikes out of Dust, also dazing nearby enemies.

This technique is required on Trolks, otherwise they block all attacks (including Fidget's abilities and Dust Storm).

Five enemies are immune to this technique: Kush, Demons, General Gaius, Avees, and Flesh Flies. If Dust attempts to parry Demons or General Gaius, Dust will either take damage and the enemy gets knocked back or the enemy gets knocked back with no daze.