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Cora at the Sarrowing Meadows.

Cora is a character met by Dust in The Glade. For the first two chapters, she remains in the Glade until Lady Tethys is talked to.


Once Dust is informed about The Sorrowing Meadow, Cora asks Avgustin to lead her there and wanders off to the center, where there are no enemies due to the fact that they fear Baron Kane's demon form. Cora is needed to continue the quest "Dust to Dust". Dust is required to bring her four keepsakes in order to meet with Baron Kane. Once Dust defeats Kane, Cora thanks Dust for his actions and tells him not worry about her, as her life is drawing soon to an end. Her corpse can be seen in the credits.


  • Cora gives Dust a green Resonance Gem in order to go to one of the mansions and obtain the Iron Grip.
  • The area in which Cora lives in (the Glade) does not have a sky, but darkness. This can be seen if Dust looks up or does a jump.
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