Cloaked stunned

An assassin being stunned.


An Assassin barely visible

Part of General Gaius' army, these enemies are first found near the resonance gate entrance after ambushing Kier, a moonblood scout, with more along the way during the assault in Everdawn Basin.


These units are dressed very similarly to Dust, but are taller than Dust himself. They can be heard from the static that the cloaking device makes, and seen barely by the electric shocks around them.


Other than being cloaked, they are fairly similar to Soldiers, flanking and attack with the same weapons, though not able to parry Dust. They attack by either drawing their weapon back and lunging forward, or by raising their weapon overhead and striking down. Cloaked Assassins de-cloak their weapon when they are hit, falling from being hit, and when they are attacking. 

Cloaked Assassins drop gems, money bags, food, blueprints and Dog Tag.

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