Cirromon Caverns

The opening scene when first encountered.

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At the center of the caverns.


The Cirromon Caverns are unlocked after an attack on the village of Aurora in which Dust investigates why there was an attack. The caverns are a large map with 14 save points, 7 shops and 1 challenge.

This map contains the following enemies: Stone-Cutters, Squirt-Bugs, Rock-Hounds, Trolks, Florns, and a Beast on ground level.

This map contains 2 imprisoned friends: one underground of Mudpot while the other is above ground, requiring Boost Jump (or extreme skill and luck with using the Beast and aerial dust storm). Mudpot is located in the center of the map and has a number of characters and quests, which net the Slide ability and the Red Resonance Gem. At the end of the caverns is a boss named Lady Tethys who has stopped the waters of life and is corrupted by the war of General Gaius. After defeating Tethys Dust is able to unlock the electric projectile for Fidget and the surface opening to get to Mudpot faster.


  • The caverns hold a blueprint for the most powerful augment, Mithrarin's Augment, which can be reached after unlocking Boost Jump (or with aerial dust storm and Double Jump)
  • The caverns have the Red Orb which is needed to reach another imprisoned friend at the Blackmoor Mountains
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