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Cirelian Trial Example

Cirelian Trials are a sidequest or puzzle game found throughout Dust: An Elysian Tail.

They are a combination of traps, enemies and targets, which require speed and practice to score in. They are usually marked on the map by red rooms, special music, and have a gate that will activate a timer, as well as an end-gate to mark the end of the trial (once you pass the gate, you are required to attempt completion or die/load a saved game to exit). A teleport sphere is located at the end of the trial to teleport you back to the start.

The Cirelian Trials have 4 unlockable ranks. Upon first completion, they will always be an item at the end (regardless of whether or not you did well) which will not be there in subsequent games.

The scoring is based on a few factors:

Hitting a target (a floating lantern-like object): +500

Defeating an enemy: +100

Getting damaged (by enemies or traps): -100

Time left: +100 per second

It is advised to get high stats before attempting for high scores, as it is easier to kill enemies and you will have additional abilities to aid you (sliding, boost jumping, etc.).

Cirelian Trial 1

Location: Abadis Forest

Requires: Nothing

Reward: Strength Salve

Maximum score before time extension: 6400

Cirelian Trial 2

Location: Aurora Village (Post-Attack)

Requires: Defeat Fuse

Reward: Wet Suit

Maximum score before time extension: 8400

Note: There is a treasure key in this trial which requires double-jump.

Cirelian Trial 3

Location: The Glade

Requires: Iron Grip

Reward: Spectral Vest

Maximum score before time extension: 5500

Cirelian Trial 4

Location: Cirromon Caverns

Requires: Iron Grip

Reward: Warrior's Pendant

Maximum score before time extension: 8000

Cirelian Trial 5

Location: The Sorrowing Meadow

Requires: Iron Grip

Reward: Master Ring of Vigilance

Maximum score before time extension: 8500

Cirelian Trial 6

Location: Archers' Pass

Requires: Crouch Slide

Reward: Flak Sheath

Maximum score before time extension: 4500

Note: There is a chest in this Trial.

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