Character stats

The Character page (accessed by pressing the Inventory button) contains 6 sections: Max Health, Attack, Defense, Fidget, Luck, and Level. Additionally, Dust's current Experience, as well as how much he needs to reach the next level are shown at the bottom left.

'Max Health' determines the HP capacity Dust has. The save portal also heals depending on the percentage of max health left. Dust's health can be upgraded up to 5887 with the friend rescue bonus. Health can be regained by eating Food, using Save Points, and Equipment that has Regeneration passive effects.

'Attack' determines how much damage that can be dealt to an enemy. Note that Augments do affect the Damage stat on the Character screen. So far, the cap for the Attack stat is 2632.

'Defense' is the quantity of enemy damage reduced when Dust is struck by a hostile creature. Armor can be equipped to increase this stat, and Luck is rumoured to have has an effect on it too. Defense stat is capped at 1218.

The 'Fidget' stat dictates how much damage Fidget's attacks can do to an enemy. So far, Fidgets damage cap far exceed Dust's blade attack if maxed out, and with the right equipment, it can do up to 12420 damage.

'Luck' is not completely understood, but a few conducted tests show that it reduces the chances an enemy can hit Dust for critical damage, i.e. reduce enemies' critical chance. Some claim that it increases amount of dropped gold, blueprints, food and loot but these are unconfirmed.

'Level' indicates Dust's current level. The level cap is 60.