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Bopo was first found while Dust was going through the Cirromon Caverns to find out about the attack on Aurora Village.


Bopo is spotted 3 times before being stopped by a Trolk outside of Mudpot. He drops a Blue Mushroom and two Louta Nuts for the player to use for the upcoming bubble sprouts.

Once Dust disposes of the trolks, Bopo makes a run towards his house and is stopped by Mamop who ask what he was doing outside of Mudpot. Bopo talks about looking for more water for his sick father who is close to death, which gives hint that the monsters were looking for water as well.

Bopo also gives the quest Snowflakes, which is required to complete for an achievement and to obtain the rainbow resonance gem that unlocks the final pillar leading to a cage holding The Kid from Bastion.

Bonnie and Bopo - Bopo on pillow

early Bopo from Bonnie and Bopo

An earlier version of Bopo featured him as a four-legged pet for Bonnie.
Bonnie and Bopo

Bonnie and Bopo from a video of the same name

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