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Bonnie is one of the protagonist in the movie Elysian Tail, she is a half-Korean mouse and is voiced by Elizabeth Dodrill in early tests. According to Dean, she lives in a village with her mentor, Leddinger, and his daughter Taka. She's a big-sister-like figure to Taka, and a sword wielder. From recent scenes in the movie (presented at PAX East), she wields a mystic blade that can transform into a powerful weapon, hinting at possible evidence of one of the other blades of Elysium.

Bonnie from an Elysium Tail voice test (pre-Elysian Tail)

Not much is known of the main Elysian Tail story itself, but it suggests to be a prologue or side story to Dust: An Elysian Tail. Dean has not disclosed much of the plot of the movie, though Bonnie's story does take place during the reign of General Gaius, and her village is most likely laid under siege by one of his troops.

Early Bonnie composited from screencaps of Living On A Prayer test video

An earlier version of Bonnie featured a more cartoony design and In "Living On A Prayer" she is one of the three prophesized to save the world from total chaos brought about by a reborn denizen of Hell.

Bonnie was originally created on November 1, 1993.


An Elysian Tail (PAX 2013 Film Footage)

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