Found in the Everdawn Basin, these enemies take to the sky bombarding enemies and all

Dust trying to avoid the bomber's run.

ies below. Bombers seem to be the only enemy that shows state of health by switching from steam coming out of the engine to fire.


Bombers attack one way: the windshield facing you while shooting bombs below. They also may bombard from high above the ground if Dust is high in the air with full health of course. Bombers often cancel their bombing runs if they take too much damage, flying higher in hopes that Dust cannot aerial-lock on to them (via Aerial Dust Storm).

They can be smashed into the ground if their health has been lowered enough, hurting both Soldiers and Moonblood warriors.

Bombers drop mithrarian augments/armour, other blueprints, coins, gems, and Tough Metal.


General Gaius's army with three bombers hovering.


  • Bombers are first seen in the trailer.
  • If a bomber is killed near a lava fall, they continue to explode while staying in the same place.
  • Bombers have no respect for allies and are willing to bombard anything.
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