Blueprints are a skeleton recipe for items in Dust: An Elysian Tail which allow the user to craft items after unlocking access to blacksmith Haley (and her brother Matti) who lives at the top of Archer's Pass. After completion of her quest to get a transmitter, Dust can then craft items and buy materials at any point of time throughout the game.


Crafting items requires 3 things, namely a Blueprint (lootable or a reward from a quest or chest), Gold (crafting cost that Haley will collect) and Materials that are lootable or can be bought at the travelling merchant Sereth, the shopkeeper Mordecai at Aurora Village, or at any time from Haley via the Transmitter. The crafting cost is the same as the selling price of the item; hence, it is not worth creating items from blueprints for selling.


Nearly all items in the game are craftable with the exception of Quick Items and some of the lowest-level items in the game, which are instead purchasable from Sereth or Mordecai. To find out more about the requirements for crafting each item, please refer to their respective item-type pages:

The strongest items in the game are mostly all crafted, lootable as blueprints from the final enemies in the game (mainly Soldiers) Their requirements are listed here:

Name Regen Attack Defense Luck Effects Buy Recipe Obtained
Robe of the Mithrarin Robe of the Mithrarin +10 +300 +10 60000 15000 G, 10 Kush Pelt, 10 Lost Soul, 6 Hollow Shard, 16 Wolf Pelt, 40 Cotton, 20 Dye
Mithrarin's Augment Mithrarin's Augment +800 x2 Fidget 12000 3000 G, 10 Lost Soul, 10 Hollow Shard, 15 Tough Metal, 20 Dog Tag Everdawn Basin, Cirromon Caverns (Chest)
Battle Master's Pendant Battle Master's Pendant x2 +20 x1.5 Fidget 10000 2500 G, 10 Scrap Metal, 20 Dog Tag, 6 Kush Pelt
Pendant of Wisdom Pendant of Wisdom +12 x2 +18 x1.2 Fidget 8000 2000 G, 6 Hollow Shard, 10 Lost Soul, 10 Ectoplasm
Foul Ring of Devastation Foul Ring of Devastation +10 +10 +20 +16 x3 Fidget 20000 5000 G, 10 Lost Soul, 10 Tough Metal, 100 Nails
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring +20 +20 +20 +20 x2 Fidget, x2 Gold, x3 Item, x1.5 XP 40000 10000 G, 20 Hollow Shard, 20 Lost Soul, 100 Paper, 100 Dye Everdawn Basin
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