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Blop giving luck to Dust about hunting.

Blop is another character in Dust: An Elysian Tail found in Mudpot who is needed to be talked to in order to continue the quest Dust to Dust.


Blop tells Dust that the way to Lady Tethys is by sliding. He gives Dust a red resonance gem in order to get the skill and find his "hittin' stick" to defend the hole. Once Dust retrieves the stick, Blop speakes about getting revenge on a trolk who broke his leg but Dust insists that he does the beating for Blop's health.

Blop then speaks to Dust about gathering four trolk fingers for his revenge (quest: Trolk vengence). Once Dust gathers the fingers Blop asks Dust to gather ten rockhound teeth for a set of dentures (quest: pearly whites). Once Dust obtains the rockhound teeth Blop tells Dust that he is all set and wishes him luck for his hunting.

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