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Registratech Registratech 24 days ago

Dust: An Elysian Tail Chapter 6: Horror

You have to face your nightmare, Mithrarin....Run as you can....They are....too permanetly to defeat them.....Witches, witches are nowhere in behind mountain, somewhere an land with filtered snows and ices....In the night, they were appeared, if you attack the witches.....They will kill you forever....Most of all known existence of race, where is similar to Warmbloods.....There is.....the existance of.......Coldbloods...

Now i have an better idea for Dust: An Elysian Tail should have DLC since 9 years ago, now there will be have Chapter 6 DLC is about, well you know, have different one game within horror elements at turns into Teen Rating with Blood of course. It's called Dust: An Elysian Tail Chapter 6: Horror

  • 1 What is Chapter 6: Horror?
  • 2 Wha…

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Registratech Registratech 7 April

Dust: Rise of the Blades of Elysium

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Registratech Registratech 5 March

Elysian Tail Franchise Ideas

Here's the few ideas for Elysian Tail should be make an shared universe franchise between Dust An Elysian Tail (before having 10th Anniversary on 2022) and Elysian Tail Movie. There could be having good ideas for Dean Dodrill.

  • 1 Five Blades of Elysium
  • 2 The King of Elysian Kingdom (Unnamed)
  • 3 Expand Story
  • 4 Romance Scene
  • 5 New Species
  • 6 World of Falana

There is once i played on Chapter 4, Elder Gray Eyes have speak to Blade of Ahrah was only one Blade of Elysium, there was an hint around that i figured out in upcoming movie screens, both game and movie have know about Blades of Elysium that can be found.

Well if you have mentioned that i got good point with this:

Yep, as you can see, Dust, Bonnie and Leddinger are found three Blades of Elysium but other …

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FidgetTheNimbat FidgetTheNimbat 3 December 2015

Fanfiction Stories

Hi guys! FidgetTheNimbat here! Okay, well a while back, I joined Fanfiction under the name OlanaTheWarmblood, here's the deal, I just started a fanfic, Dust: An Elysian Tail II: Reborn, and I need people to Read and Review it, okay guys? whether or not you have a profile, I need support guys! I also have a poll on my profile page, so feel free to answer it!

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Dream Era Dream Era 18 October 2013

wiki concerns

I am a large fan of elysian tail, and im always praying for tail 2. However, as for this wiki, it seems..... under-developed. Hell, u didn't even have a bio for gaius, perhaps the 4th most important character of the game. I know it shouldn't be my place to question any senoir editors effieciancy(How many editors are there?), but So far I seem to be the only one caring for left out details and uncanon data being filed in an officiail database. I can continue to rant on and on, but to avoid pissing anyone off, I'll leave it with this, Are we gonna help this wiki grow or rot? I cannot edit 24/7, for i hav a life too, so i hope u guys can help strengthen this potentially awesome wiki. Don't have a clue where to start? look at the sonic news ne…

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ZazaraOne ZazaraOne 20 September 2013

I have a small word...


Anyways, where's the founder?! S/He Deserves a muffin! Ehem, Just so you know, I love this game, and I have some things to say to clear things out. Yes, the creator of the game is probably not here, and no, I will not stop.

This is one of those epic games that no one knows about, nor cares for. I think that this game deserves a lot more than it has, due to the 'one man band' taking more than two years to create this, and then having a beautiful baby.

Some people lie, to get the creator ideas, saying "Can't wait for the movie" or "Oh! I'm excited for the sequel!" Well, I don't expect, nor do I would want to force this wonderful man to create another game. As much as it would be flipping awesome, I…

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Kingtiger609 Kingtiger609 24 May 2013

For updated Information

The wikipedia has a steam Group that will keep up to date about Dean dodrill's work. This group is open to anyone who want to join but abide the rules and new ones as they are created. The link below will take you to a steam page about the group:


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