The opening scene when the player enters the mountains.

The Entire Map.

The Blackmoor Mountains are one of the most useful places in Falana to acquire high level items, high level blueprints and to try to combo over 1000 (even at higher levels if you remove your gear). This map contains: 4 shops, 9 save points and 18 treasures. This map is probably the most deadliest with only 4 shops, 3 environmental hazards (icicle drops, sharp rocks and avalanches) and high level enemies which make playing on harder difficulties in this area very challenging.

This map contains the following enemies: Kush, Frites, Wolves, Beasts and Blombs.

There are 2 imprisoned friends in this map: one near the beginning of the map, which requires Double Jump while solving a puzzle, the other requires the Red Orb (once acquired - crouch at the middle-left of the map next to the huge stone that looks like an hourglass to use it, which can be found in the yellow square above a blue/green half and half square) obtained at the Cirromon Caverns. 

Near the highest point of the map there are blizzards that push Dust back and enemies towards him. Sliding can get you through the blizzard much faster than walking.

At the top of mountains is Zeplich Village, which is where Dust remembers the events that happened to Cassius and Jin when they were still alive and meets up with Ginger who brings Elder Gray Eyes to explain more.


  • This map is where Dust acquires Double Jump. There is no explanation for the boss fight just beforehand, it just shows up and starts attacking.
  • This map contains 2 out of the 3 deadliest environmental hazards - base damage can range from 500-2000+ damage per hit.
  • There is a glitch in one part of the map - please refer to Glitches for more information.
  • This map is the start of the chapter 4 and the end to the Cirelian Trials on main maps.
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