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Aurora village being seen for the first time.

Aurora Village is the first main destination and village that Dust and Fidget encounter.

The village has a shop(run by Mordecai), two save points, one challenge arena(Cirelian Trial #2), five treasure chests, and three entrances(after the end of Chapter 1).

Near the bottom entrance, to Cirromon Caverns, a red resonance barrier gives access to a teleporter which will teleport Dust to the save point just before the cliff drop off, In the middle of the drop off, there is a locked friend(Hyperduck), along with two treasure keys after the alloy column.

There are enemies at the bottom of the drop off which consist of Trolks, Squirt-Bugs, and Rock-Hounds.

Main Storyline

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Once Dust enters the village, the local watchmen Bean and Calum question him about his and Fidget's origin(Fidget says they are "prospectors") and the attack on Geehan's farm. After talking with the watchmen, Dust complains about Fidget's prospector plan and continues into the village looking for someone who can recognize him.

In the middle of the village, Dust meets Ginger, who is surprised to see him and passes the conversation, Dust then meets Mayor Bram, whom he questions about the watchmen and Ginger's behavior. Bram, however, is more concerned about stopping the monster advance, explaining that the monster attacks are directed by an unknown leader gathering forces in Abadis Forest, and cutting off communication with Denham Village. Dust accepts the quest, as he feels a bond of familiarity to the villagers and has to help.


  • Better than Nothing (Given by Fale)
  • What's in the Box? (Given by Reed)
  • Reunion (Given by Moska)
  • The Blacksmith (Given by Avgustin)
  • Lost Time (Given by Oneida)
  • Out to Dry (Given by Colleen)
  • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER (Given by Corbin)
  • Number One Fan (Given by Moska)


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