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The opening scene of Archers' Pass.

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Archers' Pass is an area the player can unlock by accepting the quest given by Avgustin. The blacksmith's home is at the top. Platforming here takes a bit of skill, but it's not overly hard and the design of the area reflects the fact it is a mountain pass.

The area has tougher enemies than encountered in The Glade, including the first flying enemies you encounter. A noteworthy enemy that you meet here are cloud-like creatures called Blombs, which explode when you get near them and frequently cause chain explosions, causing severe damage to Dust and making him burn.


  • Challenge arena (only accessible by sliding) Cirelian Trial #6: Teleporting memory challenge
  • Blue Resonance Gem doors that transport Dust near the top of Archers' Pass
  • "Leap of faith" room of 3 treasure chests. Reading the leap of faith letter and following the instructions at the base of Archers' Pass (before going up the map towards the blacksmith) a platform will suddenly appear and take Dust to small room filled with 3 chests (one being filled with Avees).
  • A locked cage that require all resonance gems (and of course 4 keys) to free the friend.
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    The Easter egg found on the first level

  • If you do the slide and dash glitch on the very first level you can see a snowman figure wielding a staff like weapon and a sheild. Probably for a model on some of the statues in the map.
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