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 Abadis Forest is one of the locations unlocked after speaking with Mayor Bram about taking out the monsters' leader (Fuse). Abadis Forest has: 7 save points, 4 shops, 1 challenge (Cirelian Trial 1) and 12 areas with treasures throughout the map.

Enemies on this map are: Avees, Florns, Imps, Beasts, Giants, Slime Creatures and Squirt-Bugs (underground).

Abadis Forest also has 2 friends imprisoned in locked cages.

One in the area that seems to be just a long bridge that requires precise organization of the Avees in order to dust storm way up (Bandage Girl). The other (Hyperduck) is in a underground area filled with Florns, Giants and Squirt bugs. 
Abadis forest png

Abadis Forest opening scene.

The only environmental hazards are in an area accessed with Iron Grip.

At the end of the forest is Denham Village, which Fuse has burned down. After Fuse is defeated there is a large stone placed where Fuse once stood and the crates that blocked the top of the bridge are gone. After fighting Fuse, a letter to Moska is just outside of the village that will update the quest Reunion.


  • Abadis Forest and Archer's Pass share the same music, likely due to being different areas in the same forest.
  • Abadis Forest is the first place Dust fights a boss and can enter a Cirelian Trial
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